Plum Grove Cyclery has been selected as a finalist in the Loudoun Chamber Small Business Awards.

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Plum Grove Cyclery introduces a new type of bicycle shop experience…

We have moved our shop, from Rockland Farm to historic downtown Leesburg. Our new address is: 120 C East Market St Leesburg Va 20176. Across from the county building and just down the hill from Moms Apple Pie. New and used bikes and tools arrive daily, so please stop by.

About Plum Grove Cyclery


Plum Grove Cyclery got its start in Leesburg in 2000. We began as a small store on West Market Street across from the Tally Ho Theater, but quickly outgrew that space and found a new home on East Market Street in the Green Garage behind Mom’s Apple Pie. We happily served the growing community there for five years before leaving to try something new on Rockland Farm just north of town on the Potomac River. For the last six years on Rockland Farm we specialized in pure service, doing hundreds of fittings along with fixing and building countless bikes. We also continued to offer the finest in custom crafted bicycles.

Today we are back in downtown Leesburg on East Market in a unique old stone building that once housed a car dealership in 1922 and a Harley dealership in the seventies. As Loudoun County grows and becomes more urban, Plum Grove wants to make sure that cycling is an integral part of that growth, not only as healthy recreation, but as a truly viable transportation alternative for commuting to work, running errands around town or enjoying a pub crawl.

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Plum Grove Cyclery Services

Our goal is to be more than a store that sells bikes; we want to be a part of our community and welcome people from all walks of life, including the experienced cyclist. Bicycles have evolved into highly technical, specialized machines, and the shops that service their needs can be intimidating places for the most experienced cyclist.

Custom Bicyles

What constitutes a “custom bicycle”? It can mean taking a stock frame and

Custom Bicyles

What constitutes a “custom bicycle”? It can mean taking a stock frame and choosing all the different parts, wheels, tires and saddle to create a ride that fits your body and reflects your personality. If “custom” for you means creating your own one of a kind paint scheme so you will never … Read more »

Service Shop

Comprehensive Servicing, Safety Check, Wheel Building and more

Service Shop

Plum Grove CycleryBack in 1977 when I first started turning wrenches in a bike store, there was a big poster mounted at the entrance to the service shop that that listed about fifty different service options. This was before there were mountain bikes, or suspension and disc brakes, and the… Read more »

Fit Studio

Discovering the perfect bicycle fit is essential for you to truly enjoy the bike

Fit Studio

Discovering the perfect bicycle fit is essential for you to truly enjoy the bike and realize its potential. A poor fit will not only be uncomfortable, it can cause injury. For many cyclists, this becomes a frustrating process, and searching for the “perfect fit” becomes as arduous and futile …Read more »



Ever since 1983 Cannondale has been synonomous with innovation. Pushing the boundries and leading the industry forward Cannondale continues to offer a superior product blending quality, innovation and style. The original innovator in oversized aluminum, Cannondale continues to offer the finest aluminum platform on the market while featuring the finest design and crafted Carbon Composite bikes in the world.

Covering all your cycling needs from:

  • The Recreational Rider
  • The Hardcore Commuter
  • The Endurance Mountain Biker
  • Ironman Triathlete
  • To Giro d’ Italia winner.

The sublime and superlight SuperSix Evo has already conquered the Giro d’ Italia in its short life. Utilizing Ballistec Carbon, all of Cannondale’s carbon bikes afford the rider confidence in the durability and strength of a material that stands up to the hard knocks of daily life on the street or trail.

The range of choices are second to none including a complete line of women specific bicycles. Let us help you navigate the selection process and take home a new Cannondale today.

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Independent Fabrication

Where can you find a combination of skilled artistic craftsmanship, pure unalloyed passion and an unending quest for perfection? Say hello to Independent Fabrication in Newmarket, NH. Each creation is literally a one off with each order going through a detailed measurement and interview process that allows the crafty designers at IF to generate a blueprint, a graphic representation of your cycling dream bike. Their custom process is incredibly dialed allowing you to create a machine that caters to any desire a bicycle can satisfy.

In addition to a custom process second to none, IF offers a breadth of material and depth of platforms unequaled in the industry.

Three different choices of:

  • Steel Alloy
  • Titanium Alloy
  • Ti/Carbon
  • and full Carbon Composite.


Every variation of a traditional road race geometry; a Club Racer featuring a race geometry from the 60’s and 70’s when brake calipers were “long reach” offering the rider clearance for full fenders or a wide tire suitable for gravel roads; a Cyclocross race geometry with the bottom bracket height for muddy fields or technical trails plus tire clearance for the fat knobbies of your choice; a long distance touring geometry providing a stable platform to load your gear down for that dream trip across New Zealand. Throw in a mountain bike hardtail in the Deluxe with a lineage that dates back to the days of Fat Chance and you have a range of choices under one roof that is unparalleled. If you day dream about a new bike let IF make it real!

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Handbuilt in the Rockies. Since 1981 Moots has been on a mission to design and fabricate the best fitting and best riding bicycle ever. This quest for the Holy Grail of frame building continues to this day as the crew in Steamboat Springs, CO comes to work every day to make their bikes just a little bit better than yesterday. Using US made seamless Titanium 3/2.5 tubing they pick tube diameters and wall thickness to complement and enhance the specific model and size of each frame.

The RSL line is perhaps the most advanced titanium frame on the planet featuring tubing modified and shaped with tooling that only exists in one place in the world. Whether your passion is asphalt, dirt or a little of both expose yourself to a professionally fitted handmade titanium piece of art. Who knew the search for the Holy Grail would take you through Steamboat Springs.