Last Saturday was the first of two pre-rides for the upcoming Snotcycle winter race. Rockland Farm was open from 9AM till 2PM although. Conditions were excellent early in the morning but the combination of warming air temps and some sunlight softened up the trail which is holding a lot of moisture. Because of that we had to cut the pre-ride short to keep the trail in good shape for the race which is scheduled for January 29th. Next Saturday is another pre-ride and the Farm will once again be open from 9AM till 2PM. Extended weather forecast currently is calling for much colder temperatures which should keep the track nice and firm for all who want to come out and visit. You do not have to be registered for any of our races to participate in any of our pre-rides. We will have a table set up so that all visitors can sign a waiver before they tackle the course. Currently the Snotcycle is sold out. For those people interested in getting on a waiting list, they can email
The registration for our fifth annual Baker’s Dozen race opened up last night on BikeReg at 8PM. 450 available slots filled up in eight minutes! Last year the race sold out in 58 minutes with fewer available slots. Obviously there are many people who did not manage to register in time and are caught on the outside looking in. We feel like 450 is the number of slots that is the most we could allow and still keep the race from becoming too crowded out on the trail and make the experience less than what people have come to expect. We tried very hard to make it a level playing field for everyone who planned on participating. For those still wishing to find a way to get into the race here are a few tips. Email Rob and Kelly at to get on the waiting list. Also Adventures for the Cure have 10 slots that they will be auctioning off on Ebay starting next Sunday. Not sure exactly when but I am sure you will be able to track the listing down. Also, MORE has 4 slots that they will also be auctioning or raffling off. I have no information on how that will be handled but you could check their website to find out details. For those who wish the get the most out of the Baker’s Dozen experience without racing, they can still register to volunteer for one of the shifts on the BikeReg page. For volunteering you will get the same schwag that all of the racers get and we also provide camaraderie and drink!
Other upcoming events include the new Nightryder, a unique night time XC race on March 12th. Plenty of room still left for that race.
Thanks for your support and hope to see you all out on the trail!

Tom and Mike