First The Wheels!

The foundation of any bicycle, the wheels represent not only the connection to the ground but the piece of the bike that takes the force from the pedals and turns it into the speed that squeezes tears from your eyes.  Picking the proper spokes to do the job matching the gauge to the rider.  Choose the lacing pattern and appropriate nipples all contribute to a wheel that disappears underneath the rider but also launches with a little squeeze at the pedal.  Lacing over and under, threading the nipple and crossing the spokes is a process that combines the disparate parts of hub, spoke and rim into one critical component.

Front wheels are usually easier

Very pretty Chris King Hubs in the pewter finish, DT Swiss Champion spokes in black with alloy nipples connected to Stans NoTubes ZTR Arch 29er rims is going to make a wheel that will make any bike just point and shoot!

Rear wheel is coming together with the help of King Street Coffee

The rear wheel isn’t even done yet and it already looks fast!  Tomorrow when I finish the build, we are going to ride the race course on the Farm to shake the new rig down.

Racing Ralphs Ready to Roll

Tomorrow these wheels will grace a titanium Independent Fabrication frame that will be as sweet to look at as it will be to stretch a leg over.  Stay tuned.

Tom Stokes