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bike commuting

bike commuting

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Classic Steel Hollands Road Bike Re-Finished and Re-Born

I love to work on classic bikes.  Steel, aluminum and rubber with very little if any composites or exotic technologies.  Cleaning and overhauling all the bits I have to go back in the archives to remember working on loose ball bearing hubs and headsets.  Peeling the packaging off of the frame after Tom Kellog at [...]

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Baker’s Dozen is Five Years Old!

After four years of almost perfect weather for each of the preceding versions of the Baker's Dozen, Mother Nature decided to test the mettle of both the race organizers and all of the hardy racer's that plan to spend a weekend matching themselves against the rock and dirt of Rockland Farm.  Fortunately for Mike and [...]

Snotcycle Turns Into Hike/RunCycle

Preparations on Friday for the Snotcycle this Saturday did not go quite as planned. Trying to lay down a tire track on the race course proved too difficult to accomplish. Mike and Harriet then picked up the gauntlet and cross country skied the entire course which took them over 3 hours. At least we thought [...]

Moots Psychlo-X Done UP!

Kevin wanted a dream machine that would be light, lively and go anywhere his heart desires including where pavement might not go. Being the thoughtful person he is, he settled on the beautifully handcrafted Moots Psychlo-X cyclocross frame. After determining his appropriate fit utilizing his current road bike and double checking his current riding position, [...]

Running Rocks on Rockland Farm 2010

Potomac River Running and Plum Grove Cyclery have partnered to bring you trail running on Rockland Farm.  Featuring a beautiful 8 mile course that takes you from the pine trees along the edge of the property, across the pasture and into the woods where you eventually find the Potomac River and [...]

Ted Wojcik Going Green

Ted Wojcik's booth at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show was very busy and what was attracting quite a bit of the attention was his homemade pedal lawn mower. His bikes are amazing in their beauty and craftsmanship. The Mower with that big fat back wheel was at once functional and quite a piece of [...]

Custom Eye Candy Galore!

The Richmond Convention Center was home to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this year and it did not disappoint any of the cycling enthusiasts that made the trip. I was stunned at the quantity of eye candy in both bikes, components and accessories like clothing as well as fancy ways to open up a [...]

2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Mike and I are heading down south to Richmond to attend the North American Handmade Bicycle show this weekend.  An incredible selection of artisans showing off what is best described as "found art".  Function combined with aesthetic beauty, these bikes and crafted components are sooo sweet, I am going to make sure to leave my [...]

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