Standing out in the  pasture with the temperature hovering in the 30’s and rain a constant companion all day it was amazing to see all the excited racers drive up and prepare to cover their bikes and bodies with some of the finest Rockland Farm mud.  As the ruts grew deeper, the track grew wider and lap times got longer and longer in classic Cross fashion these competitors slogged it out and then enjoyed the fire and the barrel of beer.   One racer was planning on competing in the Single Speed event which went off last after racing earlier in the 3/4 category but misjudged the strength of the Dale’s Pale Ale pouring from the keg and decided to return his transponder and not risk something worse than another coating of mud.  Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor!  Congratulations to all the dedicated racers that showed up for a classic Cross Mudfest!   Despite the wet cold conditions, all of the volunteers, Go Time Racing and all of us from Plum Grove enjoyed hosting such a great group and were kept warm by their enthusiasm(as well as the fires!).