The Richmond Convention Center was home to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this year and it did not disappoint any of the cycling enthusiasts that made the trip. I was stunned at the quantity of eye candy in both bikes, components and accessories like clothing as well as fancy ways to open up a bottle of beer. Although there was decent representation by carbon fiber, most of the hand crafted beauties were fabrications of steel alloys and titanium alloys with some pretty hard to believe paint schemes. Then there was the occasional wooden bicycle or a composite of wood and carbon fiber! I wonder how that machine rides? It certainly looked cool. Shimano showed up with there new Electronic Shifting Dura Ace gruppo built on a bike in a trainer. Many took the opportunity to power shift from the small ring into the big ring with the push of a button. It worked every time! I am not a great photographer, but I tried to capture what I could of some of the highlights of this extravaganza. Check them out on Flickr.