Spectacular spring weather beckoned my wife and our neighbors as we left Leesburg on our mountain bikes last Saturday. We rode up the W&OD path west to Purcellville where it conveniently terminates next door to Magnolia’s bar and restaurant. Having completed just over 11 miles we were suitably thirsty and hungry for a nice sit down at the bar. After a hearty burger washed down with a few ales, my neighbor Annie decided it would be a grand idea to pedal our way to Sunset Hills Vineyard on our way back east to Leesburg since it was Farm Tour weekend. Well, knowing that the winery was on a busy road I used googlemaps to determine the best gravel road route to avoid traffic. Little did they know that the detour was a tad circuitous but it was never an issue since the scenery was simply spectacular. Finally arriving at our destination, we dutifully did our tasting to identify the flavor bottle(s) that we would purchase. Some cheese and bread rounded out our sustenance and we retreated to a picnic table overlooking the pond. Live music wafted down from the porch as we regained our strength with the magical qualities of the grape mixed with cheese and bread. Sated and re-energized, we bid adieu to Sunset Hills and backtracked our way to the W&OD trail and then back to Leesburg. Very very scenic ride with little in the way of hills or traffic. Here is the 05/17/2010 Route Farm Tour 2010
Find more Bike Rides in Leesburg, Virginia“>route. Interesting to note that driveways on farms are shown as roads on googlemaps but cutting through Trinity Acres Farm to get from Rt 287 to Greenwood Farm Lane on Howlands Lane did not seem very intrusive.