Finally starting to see some dry blacktop and dried out dirt roads around the county. Seems like it was last decade that I got to ride my bike outside. Managed to get home a little early Monday to get in 90 minutes in on my IF Ti Deluxe 29er. Rode out Old Waterford and of course right at the bottom of the first hill, Scott came by on his Cyclocross bike to say hello and then ride by me. I managed to keep him in sight up the first climb and most of the second climb and then he was out of sight. Looped around through Beacon Hill and then down Canby and up to Willowcroft Winery. At that point as I was going down Mt Gilead Rd and the sun was setting over the Appalachians and the temperature was dropping quickly. Mt Gilead was also a tad muddy which made for a good look when I got home. Can’t wait for the days to get longer so the after work rides can be extended.

Tom Stokes