The newest addition to Mike’s Mooto X YBB 29er is perhaps the ultimate wheel set.  With every other component representing the best and lightest Mike decided is was time to do away with the Gold Chris King hubs (sniff) laced to Salsa Delgado rims. We did try to build those wheels light with ultra-light DT Revolution spokes but even Mike who tips the scales at just over 160 lbs. found them to be just a tad too flexy.  The obvious choice for replacement hubs were the DT 190 Center Lock hubs boasting a weight savings of 56 grams for the front and a whopping 124 grams for the rear.  In addition, the 190’s feature not only smooth and fast ceramic cartridge bearings but a very elegant and lightweight adapter that allows you to use a six bolt rotor on these center lock hubs.

For a rim we looked at NoTubes brand new Crest rim which not only comes in at 380 grams for the 29er version but like all NoTubes rims will set up tubeless super easy.  Each rim represents a weight savings of 135 grams for a combined savings of 270 grams!  Since the ultra light ultra butted DT Revolution spokes turned out not to provide the appropriate stiffness in the last build we opted for standard double-butted 2.0/1.8/2.0 DT Competition Black spokes paired with Gold alloy nipples.  Laced together and tensioned the NoTubes rim tape was applied, tubeless valve installed and the Schwable Racing Ralph sealed up right away.  Immediately hung the bike on the scale and the total bike weight dropped from just over 24.5 lbs to 23.75 lbs for a weight savings of just over 3/4 of a pound right where you need it most, rotating mass.  Front wheel tipped the scales at a scant 704 grams while the rear was just 808 grams.  Total wheelset combines for 1512 grams a full 276 grams lighter than the old set and with the extra savings of running tubeless completed the trip down the scale to under 24 pounds.

First ride confirmed the wheels are roughly two gears faster and roll downhill noticeably faster than the old set.  Short of carbon rims we think this may be as trick as it gets for the ultimate 29er wheel set!