Couldn’t resist getting out on one of the first non-snowy and relatively warm Saturdays of the new decade. Took the IF Ti Deluxe 29er out since it was windy and tackled the gravel roads of Loudoun. We are blessed with an abundance of “unimproved” roads that I think are a HUGE improvement over most of the paved ones. Mapped the ride so someone else less familiar with the fun routes can follow at their leisure. Keep in mind that Spring is less than three weeks away and we should be doing some low intensity longer efforts this time of year so we can peak during the prime riding months of the year. Had to stop a few times to record the majesty of Loudoun as the snow uncovers it’s beauty. I also needed to stop to catch my breath!
Only six weeks until the Baker’s Dozen! Doing trail work in the AM and riding the road bike in the PM. Will post about the relative condition of the race course. We hope to have an open ride within the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Tom Stokes