Who could have imagined weather like this for the 2010 version of the Snotcycle?? Temps in the teens as I showed up at 6:45 in the dark with five gallons of coffee from Starbucks promised a perfectly frozen and firm race course. Stoking the fires was just as important as matching transponders to racer numbers on this frosty day. The Cat 3 men and women shoved off with prime conditions as the snow had yet to begin falling. When the Cat 1’s took off a dusting was beginning to show, and after their first lap they had to change pace and tactics to account for the snow covered rocks and roots. By the time the Cat 2’s and Single Speeders launched there was about six inches of powdery snow covering pasture and woods and blowing all over the place!
From our vantage point on Farm Lane where the course crossed, you could see periods of white out as the wind knocked snow accumulation from the branches. I can’t tell you how awesome that looked as racers appeared out of white nothingness to pedal past our firepit and disappear again into the rows of pine trees. I was amazed at the number of people who either raced or came to just spectate on a day when most people would pile wood on the fireplace and draw straws to see who had to shovel the sidewalk.
Once again, all of us at Plum Grove Cyclery and Go Time Racing hit the jackpot with perfect weather and the best crowd of racers anyone could hope for. Also, a huge thanks to all our volunteers who braved the weather to help pull this event off for only a hot cup of coffee and a pair of wool socks. We could not have done it without all of your help. Finally, thanks to the Brown Family and Rockland Farm for letting us enjoy an amazing day on an amazing piece of property!!