Preparations on Friday for the Snotcycle this Saturday did not go quite as planned. Trying to lay down a tire track on the race course proved too difficult to accomplish. Mike and Harriet then picked up the gauntlet and cross country skied the entire course which took them over 3 hours. At least we thought people would have a track to follow in the woods because the course was buried under 8 inches of thick wet snow. The morning of the race dawned and people started to arrive. We quickly discovered our plans for parking were woefully inadequate. With a line of cars sitting bumper to bumper all the way out Farm Lane and down the shoulder of Rt 15 for at least 1/4 of a mile we knew we were going to have to do something quick. The Farm Manager came to the rescue with his John Deere tractor and managed to clear enough extra space for the multitude of racers that showed up. The Beginners went off first with the unenviable task of breaking a trail and packing it down for the following groups. The total amount of riding they accomplished was the short stretch down Farm Lane before they turned left onto the course. Many hardySunrise Day of the Race souls persevered and trudged the entire course to be rewarded with the largest purse. Unfortunately it took the Sport rider group as well as the Beginners and the first lap for the Experts to finally pack the trail down enough to where it could be ridden. I have never seen such fortitude or insanity exhibited by a group of mountain bikers that I saw Saturday on Rockland Farm. The only thing that confounded me even more was that through all of this people kept their spirits up and seemed to have a good time. The fires after the race and the post-race beverages were a welcome diversion. People would also quickly chip in when cars needed to be pushed out of the snow. It was a very long and it turned out successful day. I would like to thank all the volunteers, Rob and Kelly from Go Time Racing and of course Rockland Farm with a particular shout out to Mark who piloted the John Deere to scrape together the needed parking! Finally I would like to thank everyone who signed up to race, come onto the property amidst chaos and were constantly friendly and enjoyable to be around. You overcame what most normal people would have considered impossible conditions with a smile on your face. You are the reason our events are so much fun.

Tom Stokes