Kevin wanted a dream machine that would be light, lively and go anywhere his heart desires including where pavement might not go. Being the thoughtful person he is, he settled on the beautifully handcrafted Moots Psychlo-X cyclocross frame. After determining his appropriate fit utilizing his current road bike and double checking his current riding position, we settled on a stock size for optimum fit offering plenty of options to adjust his position as time and application changed. Next was the soul searching involved in picking out components. Having his hear set on Campagnolo the only real choice would be which level component group to pick. Kevin had worked long and hard to come to this point and decided you only live once. Super Record it was to be! Matched up with Mavic Ksyrium K10

Super Record

Getting ready to build

Setting the knee angle

Test Ride

Finished Product!

wheels this was to be a pure joy to build. The beauty of this hand crafted marvel is only matched by the sublime ride.